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Beautiful Colorful Flower Photos Nature BabaMail The flower has a yellow center surrounded by colorful petals that vary in shade from light blue to mauve. Like many lotus flowers the blue lotus has symbolic. Springtime Science Exploring the Pigments in Flowers Scientific. May 9 2013. You could also try flowers that are similar in color such as more purple or orange flowers. Pink petals may not work well. Larger petals such. Image results for Flowers Colorful Petals How Flowers Get Their Color ProFlowers Blog Aug 23 2012. Learn how flowers get their color and the genetics that go into producing. Another way to change the color of a flower petal on a much smaller. What Makes Flowers So Colorful Science ABC While taking a stroll in a park or a garden the one thing that never ceases to amaze us is the spectacular range of colorful flowers lined up in perfect rows their. Why Flowers Have Color Konica Minolta Sensing Americas Another chemical anthocyanin is responsible for producing red pink blue and purple colored flower petals. While many people see these plants as purely.