Feist Dog Breed Small Energetic

All About the Mountain Feist Dog its temperament and more Mar 25 2013. Mountain Feist temperament includes curiosity and high energy levels. handle tracking larger game as well as hunting smaller prey such as squirrels. When Mountain Feist puppies are properly trained this breed can be. Feist Dogster Feists are small compact and muscular dogs. Feists have lots of energy but around the home they arent likely to bounce off the. Being an intelligent working breed they also like constructive games and tasks to keep their. Feist History. What is a Feist Dog CANIDAE Oct 14 2014. Learn more about the history and origin of this energetic dog. A feist is described as a small noisy mongrel a mixed breed dog with a spirited. Image results for feist dog breed small energetic wikipedia.org Feist Dog Breed PawCulture Feist Dog Breed. The Feist is an energetic dog used for hunting small game. By PawCulture Editors. small white and tan dog standing. Feist Puppy Dogs LoveToKnow If this is the case let us introduce you to these energetic Terriers. Feists Mountain Feists or Treeing Feists as they are commonly known are small to medium. The modern Feist puppy looks very much like the better known Jack Russell.