Capitulum Flower

Capitulum definition and meaning Wordnik A thick head of flowers on a very short axis as a clover top or a dandelion a composite flower. A capitulum may be either globular or flat. n. A knoblike. Capitulum facts information pictures articles. capitulum A type of flowering shoot see racemose inflorescence characteristic of plants of the family Compositae Asteraceae e.g. daisy and dandelion. Botanical Terms capitulum head Nova Scotia Wild Flora Society Nov 27 2007. Flowers in the Family Asteraceae are borne in a compact influorescence called a capitulum or head which superficially resembles a single. Image results for Capitulum Flower Flowers Capitulum Head. A capitulum or head is a round to flat topped cluster of flowers. inflorescence containing many individual stalkless sessile flowers arranged. Capitulum definition of capitulum by The Free Dictionary A compact cluster of sessile flowers often surrounded by involucral bracts as of daisies and other composite plants. 2. A small knob or head shaped part such.