Bridges Panoramic Widelux INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PANORAMIC PHOTOGRAPHERS. TIPS ON OPERATING THE WIDELUX CAMERA FROM JAN. 1989 NEWSLETTER. NYC Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges panoramic For more. For more information on the Brooklyn Bridge see this picture. For more of my pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge click here. For more information on the Manhattan. Image results for Bridges Panoramic Jeff Bridges Took Incredible Panoramic Photos On The Set Of Every. Apr 3 2015. Using an old school panoramic Widelux film camera Hollywood legend Jeff Bridges has been snapping some beautifully cool. Bridges panoramic photos gigapixels and 360 panoramas Bridges panoramas and deep zoom gigapixels offer a unique perspective of Bridges the panoramic and 360 formats allow you to view the locations in much. Desktop Fun Bridges panoramic theme for Windows 8 RT Dual. May 24 2013. Bridges around the world are a very important point of attraction for millions of tourists each year. Their imposing infrastructure makes it.